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Terms & Conditions for General Notary Services

General notary services are provided at an agreed upon fee prior to booking over the Internet and Phone. The customer entering in their card information is at liberty not to accept the fee posted. There is no obligation to purchase services.


All signings are non-refundable unless canceled in writing to 24 hours prior to the requested appointment time. By agreeing to these terms and agreements it will be presented to your card provider in case of a chargeback. Payees also agree to pay all fees related to chargeback disputes. 


Services will not be assigned or rendered unless prior arrangements have been made. This means that a notary will not be assigned to your appointment time unless you have paid for your request. If your notary does not arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment you may receive a negotiated discount prior to your services but you may not cancel your services.


If your notary does not arrive within 1 hour of your scheduled appointment you may receive a full refund if no services are rendered. If your notary is 1 hour late and services are still rendered you may receive up to a 50% discount at management's discretion. 

All signings must be scheduled with a minimum of two hours notice. 

Purchasers understand that an on-time appointment is allowed only 15 minutes grace before the appointment is considered canceled. This does include signers who refuse or are unable to sign within 15 minutes of the appointment start time. Our mobile notaries do keep a very strict schedule. 

All signers must have proper identification for a notarial act to be performed. This includes:

  • DRIVER LICENSE OR NON-OPERATING IDENTIFICATION LICENSE Requirements: Unexpired Issued by: A state or territory of the United States.

  • U.S. PASSPORT Requirements: Unexpired. Issued by: The United States Department of State

  • ARMED FORCES IDENTIFICATION CARD Requirements: Unexpired Issued by: Any branch of the United States Armed Forces. 

  • OTHER GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION CARDS Requirements: Unexpired; contains the customer’s photograph, signature and physical description including: height, weight, eye color, and hair color. Issued by: The United States government; a state or U.S. territory, or tribal government.

  • Credible witness- someone who knows you who has the above type ID's willing to sign the notary journal on your behalf as a witness and take an oath that you are who you say you are. 

ID RULE EXCEPTIONS >> ONLY for the purposes of real estate conveyance and financing In addition to the other forms of acceptable identification, a notary may accept the following forms of ID: 1. A valid unexpired passport issued by a national government other than the United States government and that is accompanied by a valid unexpired visa or other documentation that is necessary to establish an individual’s legal presence in the United States. 2. Any other valid unexpired identification that is deemed acceptable by the United States Department of Homeland Security to establish an individual’s legal presence in the United States and that is accompanied with supporting documents as required by the United States Department of Homeland Security.


Improper identification or forcing the notary to wait more than 15 minutes for identification will result in cancellation without refund.

Signers must be coherent and willing to sign. If a notary is not comfortable performing the notarial act because a signer is not willing or incoherent- no refund will be issued. 

Jail notaries must include a proper identification. If you do not have proper identification (other than the state ID card) you must arrange for the guard or sheriff to act as a credible witness prior to the notary. If a credible witness is not provided the notary will charge $1.00 per minute waiting. Please note that inmates may take a long time to be brought out for notarization. It is important to understand that our appointments are scheduled for 1 hour only for jail notaries. After 1 hour waiting a $1.00 per minute fee will be applied to the bill. Please make sure to bring cash or card with you to receive your notarized documents.



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