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Apostille, Authentication, & Certifications

If you are traveling overseas or sending documents to a foreign country, you may be required to have your documents certified by your State's Secretary of States' office in order to prove the validity of the documents and the Notary who notarized the documents. Essentially it is an extra step to avoid fraud for foreign governments. Each country may refer to an apostille as an apostille, certification, or authentication- that really just depends on what country it is going to but the process is all the same. 

Currently, Unlimited Ink Notary offers Apostille Services in Arizona and is up-to-date on the filing process (which was altered during COVID-19 Pandemic) and is currently still facing restrictions for filings. We are here to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible and hope that you'll allow us to help you through the process as painlessly as possible. 

Please Note: Documents recorded by another state such as a Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, or even a Deed of Trust must be apostilled by the State it is recorded in. Also, documents can only be Apostilled in Arizona if the Notary who performed the Notarization is located in Arizona as well. 


Process Breakdown

1. By appointment, one of our Notaries will notarize your documents in person, or online at $13 per document. This is the price of the Notarization + the per document filing fee for having the document apostilled, certified, or authenticated. Documents going to Puerto Rico and any U.S. Territory will have an additional $18 per document charge (assessed by the State). For in-person signings a small travel fee of $50 is added).

2. You will need to decide prior to your appointment how quickly you will need your documents returned to you. Currently, there are no same-day or walk-in services available with the Arizona Secretary of States' office. All documents must be mailed to the Secretary of States' office and there is currently a 10 day turnaround time. In-person services will be resumed as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

Setting Up Your Appointment, Cost, And Turn Around Time

1. The person signing the document must understand the document, must be willing to sign the document, must be in the mental capacity to sign the document, and must have a Non-expired US Drivers License or US Passport- or a credible witness with a US Drivers License or US Passport who will sign an affidavit stating they swear the signer is whom they say they are. If signing in person there is an additional $50 travel fee added to your order for the Notaries time and travel.

2. You will need to know how many documents (by signature you are having Notarized) prior to contacting us. Notarizations will be billed at $13 per Notarized signature on the document unless going to any U.S. Territory which will be billed at $18 per signature. 

3. You will need to choose if you want to have the documents sent via UPS or FedEx to the Secretary of States' office (which we suggest for tracking purposes) or if you wish for US Mail with tracking. Your documents, once notarized, will be sent to the Secretary of State with return postage to you- so you will need a return address. 
               A) Send by US Mail with Tracking + $50 (Includes Shipping to the Secretary of State and back to you).
               B) Send by UPS/FedEx with Tracking + $150 (includes shipping to the Secretary of State and back to you.) 

4. We will fill out the applicable forms, ship them to the Secretary of States' office for you, and have them returned to you. The estimated turnaround time for US Mail is 25 to 45 days. The estimated turnaround time for UPS or FedEx is 20 to 25 days. Unlimited Ink Notary unfortunately has no control over shipping times or processing times.

5. Unlimited Ink Notary charges at $50 processing and management fee for an Apostille, Certification, or Authentication. 

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