Online meeting

Unlimited Ink Notary is happy to announce we are fully capable of providing Remote Online Notarization (RON) to the General Public- as well as our Attorney, Title, and Escrow Clients.
Please note: it is imperative that all clients are aware of all of the following information before scheduling a RON (Virtual Notarization). 
All signers, or scheduling parties, must ensure that all parties, including the receiving parties will accept a virtually Notarized document. RON (Virtual Notarization) is now legal in many States; however, the receiving party (especially in Real Estate Closings) may not yet allow the use of RON. 
Our Attorney, Title, Escrow, and Lender partners are welcome to ask us any questions concerning RON signings to ensure that you are ahead of the game as more States come onboard with RON- but you should always confirm with your management.


When Booking a RON Signing
Whether you are a partner or part of the general public you should always give as much notice as possible before booking a RON signing. This is because the Notary database is not yet full of experienced Notaries who are conducting RON and you want to make sure you are working with an experienced Notary. When at all possible we are currently asking for a minimum of 24 hours notice for RON signings but 48 hours is much appreciated.

Signing can be conducted any where in the world but it is also important for Attorney, Title, and Escrow clients to ensure the receiving party will not require a RON Notary from a specific State to conduct the closing. 


Regular clients may book a RON closing through their Unlimited Ink Portal by selecting the best drop-down menu item for your transaction. If you need to request RON Closings for your company you may send an email to to request RON buttons be added for scheduling. General public members may use the form below to schedule their RON closing per all of the information contained within this page. 

Signer Requirements

Signers who wish to sign via RON must have the following items in place:

  • Signers must have a US Government Issued Drivers License and have lived in the United States long enough to accumulate some sort of credit history

  • Signers must be able to pass a series of questions called KBA (Knowledge Based Assessment) in order to continue with a RON signing

  • If you are in a Witness State, or your closing is from a Witness State, you must schedule the Witnesses to be present on the call under the same guide lines as the signer (even if their signatures are not being Notarized)

  • Unlimited Ink will add an additional $50 to any transaction for a witness if we have to provide them

  • Please note that Witnesses are different than Credible Witnesses

    • A witness is simply someone who is Witnessing the transaction

    • A Credible Witness is someone who will be given an oath to state they swear the person being Notarized is who they say they are

  • If signers do not have a social security number they will not be able to pass KBA but can still continue with an Online Notarization through the use of one of our Virginia Notaries as long as they have two Credible Witnesses who posses a US Drivers License and are not named in the transaction and whom can pass the KBA questions

    • Attorney, Title, and Escrow clients will need to ensure the receiving parties will accept a Virginia Notary in these instances

  • Signers will need to have a cellular phone and a desktop/laptop computer ​that has a Webcam including speakers and microphone

  • Signers will only use their cellular phone to upload their ID and the Notary can not conduct the signing through their cellular phone

  • Signers will need access to a strong Wi-Fi Signal 

Pricing for RON or Virtual Notarizations

  • For our Title and Escrow Partners RON's are priced by State at flat rates. Please email to ask about your State's RON Fees

  • For the General Public our RONs are priced based on the highest per notarization fee for all States as we do not know what State the Notary who will accept your order will be when you place your order- and thus we will bill you the highest rate per Notarization without any refund or discrepancies. Currently the highest per online per Notarization fee is $10 per notarization which is below most States allowable charge. In addition to these fees there will be a $25 scheduling fee and a $15 platform fee for the Notary. This administration fee is added to the order to help cover the cost of scheduling the Notary and setting up the appointment and for the platforms which Notaries use, which generally charges them either a flat rate for use or a per-notarization charge. A single document through RON notarization will cost $50 and $10 per each additional RON there after. You will be assigned the first available RON Notary in any State unless you specify a specific state below. Cancellations and failed KBA's will be billed at $50 flat of which 50% will be given to the the Notary for their time and effort since they must still pay for the transaction fees on their platforms.