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Notary Services for the General Public

General Notary Work

If you have:
  • Documents to be Notarized on hand
  • A Valid (Non-Expired), US Drivers License, Passport, or State Issued ID
  • You or the party you are scheduling for Are Willing and Able To Sign
  • You or the party to sign understand the document to be signed 
  • Notaries do not go over your documents with you. Their sole purpose is to ensure you are who you say you are through proper identification (directed by the State Level) and make sure you are willing to sign the document in front of you.
  • Notaries are not Attorneys and therefore cannot practice legal advice. 
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You May Use The Form Below If You Are Not Conducting a Real-Estate Closing or Real-Estate Related Documents

We require 2 hours notice for all General Public Services. Request with less than two hours notice will be pushed.
All signers must have a valid, Non-expired, US Drivers License or Passport, and be coherent and willing to sign.

If your documents call for additional witnesses other than a Notary you must provide the witness.
Witnesses may not be blood related or named within the document. 

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