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Are you looking for a Notary Public in West Hollywood California? 

Unlimited Ink Notary provides professionally trained Notaries within all major zip codes of the West Hollywood area; including 90046, 90048, and 90069.  

All appointments must be scheduled online with at least two hours notices adhering to the following guidelines:

1. The signer must be coherent and willing to sign the document at the time the Notary arrives at the appointment. 
2. The signer must have a valid non-expired US Passport or US Drivers License - or one Credible Witness not named in the document or related to the signer by blood to who has a US Passport or US Drivers License. A credible witness (different from a witness) can be anyone over the age of 18 with no benefit from the document and not related to the signer. A credible witness must also sign an affidavit for the Notary for how long they've known the signer. 
3. The signer must not be under duress to sign the document in any shape or form. 

Before booking please make sure to inspect your documents carefully to see how many signatures are being Notarized & double-check to see if the document (such as a Power of Attorney) does not call for an additional witness. Please note: UNLIMITED INK NOTARY DOES NOT PROVIDE WITNESSES, NOR DO OUR NOTARIES. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A WITNESS IN PLACE YOU WILL NEED TO SCHEDULE YOUR ORDER FOR A PUBLIC PLACE. 

Document witnesses should not be named in the document or blood related

West Hollywood 90046 90069 90048
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