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Are You Looking for UPS Store Notary Services After Hours?

Unlimited Ink Notary

Is Not Affiliated with The UPS Store

We're Just a Great Professional, After Hours, 

Mobile Notary Public Alternative in Arizona

Can't make it to the UPS Store located at:

7320 N La Cholla Blvd

If you are stuck at work all day or just can't make it to the UPS Store to have a document Notarized, do not worry! We offer in-person & Remote Online Notarization services throughout Phoenix Arizona from 7 am until 10 pm daily. 


The best part about our service is that we can come to your home or business with as little as two hours' notice.


Our Notaries also carry mobile printers and scanners to assist you with printing or making copies of your documents. Just let us know when you are scheduling your appointment if you will need assistance printing the document you need to get Notarized. 

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Mobile Notary Services in Phoenix Arizona
(UPS Store Alternative)

Unlimited Ink Notary often services UPS Store customers after hours with mobile Notary Services. All of our commissioned Arizona Notaries Public on staff are ready to help you notarize your documents (business and personal) quickly and efficiently.


We help service clients near the UPS Store located at:

7320 N La Cholla Blvd Tucson Arizona 85741

Our Notaries will travel to your home, place of work/business, health care facilities, and even local jails that permit Notaries to enter during business hours. Some of the most common documents we are asked to Notarize are: Power of Attorney Documents, Real Estate Documents, Car Titles, Wills, Trust, Minor Consent to Travel Forms, Divorce Documents, and more! 

Why Do Documents Need to Be Notarized in Arizona?

Not all legal documents require notarization to have a legal effect in Arizona. However, many documents do require notarizations to ensure that the signer's identity was verified and were both coherent and comprehensive of the documents contents at the time they signed the document. A Notary's only true responsibility is to verify a signer's identity through an acceptable form of identification and ensure that the signer truly wished to sign the document. The Notary also will record the signing appointment details as well as the document details in their Notary journal in case the document is ever called into question. You can have any document you wish Notarized by an Arizona Notary as well if you wish to have an additional witness to the document. 

What Are Acceptable Forms of ID for Notarization in Arizona?

Acceptable forms of identification for Notarization in Arizona a State issued Driver's License or State ID card or a United States passport. You may also use a United States Military ID, however, please note if you need to make a copy of a Military ID to go along with your paperwork that it is illegal to do so according to the U.S. Department of Defense. 

If you do not have any of these forms of identification, Arizona also allows a Notary Public to take a credible witness in place of a physical ID. Which means you will need one person who has one of these IDs, who is over the age of 18 years old, and is willing to take an oath that you are who you say you are. Currently, our company policy is that this credible witness should not be named within the document, have any sort of vested interest in the documents benefits, and not be blood related if possible. 

Did You Know?

Please note that you must confirm that the receiving party of the document will accept an electronically Notarized document. In most cases, if you are working in Real Estate, most lenders have not yet adopted the acceptance yet. 

However, for simple forms, if the receiving party accepts electronically notarized documents, you may either:

  • Schedule an appointment online with one of our in-house Notaries

Before leaving our site, please try to remember to try to:

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How Do I Schedule a Mobile Notary Public Appointment with Unlimited Ink?

Scheduling your Mobile Notary Public appointment with an Arizona Notary Public with Unlimited Ink is fairly easy. We offer 24/7 scheduling online and process orders starting from 6 am until 8 pm daily. You may schedule your appointment for anytime in the future you wish and at any meeting location.  

Why Would I Choose a Mobile Notary vs. Just Walking in the UPS Store at:

7320 N La Cholla Blvd

There are certain documents that UPS Stores in Arizona seem to shy away from notarizing. The Notaries at these stores are simply store employees who have only read the Arizona Handbook. Our Notaries, on the other hand, train additional hours to ensure they can notarize any document with ease (and correctly). Also, it has been noted at many locations if you have several Real Estate documents the Notaries at UPS Stores may not go through an entire Loan Package with you because of time and liability reasons. Our Notaries are trained to go through Loan Packages with great ease as well as Wills and Trust documents. 

Here Are Some Credentials We Love Bragging About

National Notary Assocation Members, Required
NotaryPro Graduates Arizona, NotaryPro Requirement
Notary Star Members Are Given Preference in Phoenix Arizona
Arizona Escrow Assocation

Unlimited Ink Notary requires all of our Mobile Notary Public contractors have a current Certified Signing Agent Exam and Background check from the National Notary Assocation. In addition, to these two required credentials, we encourage our notaries to take Notary2Pro and Notary Stars training. We are also proud members of the Arizona Escrow Assocation and service over 400+ Title Agencies (many of which are located in Phoenix Arizona.  We believe that our contracted Notaries in Arizona owe it to the public they service to have adequate training before the have notarized a document for a signer. 

Schedule Your Appointment Online Near:

7320 N La Cholla Blvd

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Proudly Offering Notary Services within 20 Miles Of the UPS Store Located in:

7320 N La Cholla Blvd Tucson Arizona 85741

We Can Provide Services Early Morning and After Hours to All of the Following Locations:

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