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Phoenix Mobile Notary

Unlimited Ink Notary has bee in the notary business for just over 10 years and has a advice about choosing a Notary Public.

The fact of the matter, in Arizona, is just about anyone without a criminal record can become a Notary Public pretty easily. Many people do it as a work requirement just for their jobs and only notarize documents for their boss or clients- but that doesn't help the General Public or Title Agencies when it's time to have important or sensitive documents notarized. In fact, most of these notaries won't do notarization for anyone outside of their own work as there's a great deal of liability for them when notarizing documents.

Unlimited Ink Notary has a Nationwide database full of notaries who specialize in work for the General Public or work for Title Agencies. Our notaries (professionally referred to as Signing Agents) go through a pretty extensive training including; the National Notary Association Signing Agent Exam, The Notary2Pro Loan Signing Course, and on our partner website they receive live training and coaching at

When you are looking to have any type of document notarized you should make sure you are getting an experienced notary who knows how to properly inspect your document, guide you where to sign and how to sign properly, and also notarize the document properly. There are so many things that can go wrong and invalidate a legal or important document if you are not careful. Even notaries who work at UPS stores often do not have the training they need to notarize documents properly, when it comes to buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

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