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Hospital or Jail Notaries in Phoenix Arizona

When you or a loved one are in a hospital or jail, handling any personal affairs can be very complicated- especially for financial transactions. Two of the most common request we get from the family's of hospital patients are Advanced Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney and the two most popular from family's of inmates are Releases for Personal Property and Power of Attorney forms. Unlimited Ink Notary can handle any notarization need; however, notarization's at in a hospital or jail can be tricky.

If you are having a notarization done at a hospital you must make sure your signer understands they will have a visit from a notary and why the notary is coming to visit them. If the signer is not coherent or willing to participate you will still have to pay for the notaries travel and time charges- so it is best to make sure you are certain the signer knows what is happening and is willing to participate. A Notary's main responsibilities is to positively identify signers and make sure they are willing to sign the documents presented. We see all to often families not going over important documents with signers before a notary arrives and the signer refusing to sign.

If you are having a notarization done at a jail you must make sure that the jail will allow a notary to visit the inmate and the they also understand why the notary is visiting. If the inmate has any violent tendencies you must absolutely let the notary know in advance so they can decide if they are the right person for the job. Even if there are no violent tendencies, upsetting an inmate by surprising them can also lead to worsening their treatment in the Jail facility if they have a harsh reaction to a unsuspected Notary visit.

Visiting hours for both facilities are very important to take into account. You should never book a notary for a late visit to a hospital or jail. Stick to business hours 9 am to 4 pm (to ensure the notary can preform the job they are there to do). If a notary shows up for an appointment but is asked to leave by staff because visiting hours are over- you will have invested in a non-refundable Notary appointment.

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