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Scheduling Made Simple

Be in the know when your hired vendor notaries receive their signing order, confirm their appointment and download their documents.

Assign Higher-Level Notaries Fast


Our database has over 1 million notaries but we will set you up with over 10,000 highly trained notaries nationwide from our approved and verified list.


Complete Online Management

Know when your notary is hired, assigned, downloaded or uploaded documents & more!


Save Time

Greatly cut down on the time spent creating invoices and entering bills to pay your notaries. Plus no more data entry errors!

Unlimited Ink Notary

Security in the Cloud - Your company, your customers and vendors can sign in from any device anywhere with internet access

Spoiling Your Customers - They will appreciate your service even more after switching to our platform

Online Scheduling

Entering scheduling orders will never be as quick and easy as they are with our platform. Minimize data entry without missing crucial order information. Order templates auto save so that your customers don't have to re-enter their information.

Secure Upload/Downloads

Uploading documents is as easy as drag and drop. They can even upload multiple files at the same time. A status bar for each file and another for the entire upload is provided to your customers so they are not left wondering how much longer it will take for their upload to complete.

System email client updates

Your customers are also updated from order creating to completion through the online order tracker and system email updates. They even have the option to include their clients on the system email updates. Loan officers love this feature!

Downloadable invoices

Invoices can be easily downloaded in advanced any time after submitting their scheduling order. The downloadable invoices are almost identical to the invoices used on your accounting software. Invoices can also be sent to your client through a customizable email.

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More Benefits

When You Use Our Software You Will Have a Dedicated Account Representative to Help Set Your Office Up Properly- 

And We Will Import Our Personal 10,000 Power Notary List to the Top of Your Database


Assigning & Scheduling

Searching for experienced CFPB and ALTA compliant notary vendors is not only a cinch with our platform but you now will have a powerful search engine with lots of filters. It's easy to spot the best and most qualified notaries to hire for your signing orders.


Be in the Know

Now you will know if your hired vendor hasn't received or confirmed their order and you can follow up with them before it's too late. You will know when documents are downloaded by your hired vendors and if all uploaded attachments were clicked to be downloaded.


Text Communication

Reaching your notary vendors for their availability through text messaging is much quicker than calling or sending an email. Want to send text messages out to multiple notaries to find availability fast on last minute assignments? Now you can! You also will be able to send your hired notaries text updates when an order is sent to them and when documents are ready to be downloaded and printed.


Order Management

This is where all the magic happens. Monitoring and managing your orders has never been so efficient. You control what orders you want to see, and display specified data on each order you want to be displayed.


System Emails

Our platform offers many customizable system emails to communicate with your clients and your vendors. Each system email can be configured to dynamically insert order information, vendor profiles or even your customer's profile!


Accounting Integration

You can lay off your bookkeeper when you start using our platform. No more time will be spent entering customer invoicing and notary payment data. No more clerical errors invoicing your customer for less and losing money, or for too much upsetting your clients.


Title Software Integration

We'll be in touch, SOON!

Title companies using Resware, Ramquest, E-Closing, Softpro 360, Impact/SQL and Online, and Closer's Choice are now integrated with our platform through NotaryLoop. This reduces dual data entry, which means entering scheduling signing orders will be faster and more accurate. Documents can be securely shared to the hired notary and signing service through their title software instead of saving every document to your computer and uploading. Notes in title software can also be securely shared with the notary or signing servicer instead of emailing.