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Escrow Officer Jobs

How We Save Escrow Officers Hours Of Unnecessary Work

Escrow Officer Jobs

"I can't keep working like this," Jessica told Stephanie "I'm tired, stressed, and it seems like I hardly ever see my kids."

Jessica, an escrow officer out of California and mother of two, had reached a turning point in her career - something had to change.

At the time, Jessica was a typical escrow officer; smart, hard working and dedicated to her work. Although sometimes underappreciated, she always strived to do her best. ​



​Like most, she had to contend with razor sharp deadlines, unhappy real-estate agents and outside vendors, like notaries and signing agencies.

She worked long hours - sometimes 10-12 a day - and the nature of her work meant she would often feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

​However, this job was important to her. She had a family that depended on her and although her job took up a large part of her day, she made the best of the moments she could spend with her family. That's until something happened that threated to jeopardize everything.

Escrow Officer Jobs

Covid disrupted the world, including Jessica's. Prior to Covid, Jessica had a routine. She'd drop her kids off at school, work all day, and then pick them up at her moms house who would pick them up after school.

At home, she would make dinner and help with homework. The schedule wasn't ideal, but it worked...until Covid.

​Now, all of a sudden, Jessica had to figure out where her kids were going to be all day and how they were going to get their education.

​Jessica's initial response was panic. "What am I going to do?" she asked herself. After a few days she was able to get family to help but quickly realized that wasn't going to be enough.

She herself, needed to be home with her kids. Working long, stressful days wasn't going to cut it anymore.

"How can I finish my work faster and leave on time?" she asked herself. "What can I do to stream-line my work and become more efficient?"

This was the question revolving in Jessica's mind. It was the problem that needed to be solved. It was the outcome she needed to come true.

So, feeling a bit desperate and overwhelmed, she called her friend Stephanie, who was also an escrow officer.

"Hey Steph, how's it going?"

"Hey girl, I'm good, how are you?"

"Things could be better," Jessica answered in a dispirited voice, "That's why I'm calling."

"What's going on?" asked Stephanie, concerned.

Escrow Officer Jobs

Jessica remembered Stephanie telling her a few months ago how she had struggled with something similar and was able to improve her situation. Hoping she could help her, she told her she needed help figuring out how to get out of work on time so she could be home with her kids.

"I tried a few things," said Stephanie, "But the thing that had the biggest impact on my productivity was switching my signing service company to Unlimited Ink Notary"

"How so?" asked Jessica, intrigued.

"Well, there are three things they do that have really helped me," said Stephanie.

"First, they offer 'quality control,' which means after each signing they have their notaries scan documents back to them so they can check them for errors. If they find an error, they let me know and immediately reach out to the notary to get it fixed. So now, I hardly ever deal with notary errors."

"Second, they give me access to scan backs on every file without charging me extra. So now I can start working on a file, usually within hours of the closing, instead of having to wait to get the documents back."

"And third, because I now use them for all my closings, they give me a flat-rate on all my orders. They never charge me more than the agreed amount. This is super helpful because once I place an order, I don't worry about having to rebalance the CD or calling the lender or client about a fee change."

"Working with Unlimited Ink feels like cooking with a Crockpot, I just place the order and forget about it and they essentially take care of everything. Out of everything I've done, working with them has saved me the most amount of time."

"Wow! I never realized how much time it took to manage the notary side of our business," said Jessica.

She thought about the different signing services she had worked with in the past.

  • She thought about all the different times she received documents with errors and the effort it took to get them fixed.

  • Some signing services would even charge her to have the errors fixed after their notary made the mistake.

  • She thought about how many times these errors caused delays and a ton of headaches for her.

  • She thought about how all of the signing service companies she'd ever worked with always charged extra for scan backs and, therefore, never realized the value of having them.

Escrow Officer Jobs

But the idea of changing signing companies made her uneasy. She hated change. Growing up, her life was full of it; divorced parents, constantly moved around, new schools and friends.

​All she ever wanted was stability. Besides, she really liked the people who worked at the signing service company she was currently using.

That desire for stability lead her to resist change. In her mind, change was negative. It meant disrupting her life and the lives of others. The last thing she wanted to do was make the wrong choice and disappoint those around her.

But then she realized she had nothing to lose. If she gave this new company a shot and it turned out they where better, she would definitely benefit.

​But, If they weren't, she could continue with her existing company. Besides, she knew her kids where worth trying and she really trusted her friend Stephanie.

So, she asked Stephanie for our information and reached out to us.

Escrow Officer Jobs

After placing her first order she discovered that everything Stephanie said would happen, did. The quality control, the scan backs, all of it and more.

Since then, she now uses us for all of her outside notaries signings and even some local ones because of the time it saves. On average, she saves about three to five hours of work a week because she hardly has to deal with notary issues anymore.

​On most days, she gets off of work on time and is excited to spend that extra time she gets with her family.

Now, if you think you could benefit the way Jessica and Stephanie have and would like to give us a try, please reach out. You can fill out our simple inquiry form (which only takes a few minutes) or call or email me at abraham@unlimitedinknotary.com951-405-5017.

​We'll create an account for you and send you an email with your login information and instructions on how to place your first order. After that, you'll be all set.


Until then, please know that we understand how hard you all work and our mission at Unlimited Ink is to help make your life easier.

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